Welcome to Zoady, a dynamic organization in the gaming industry. It was founded in 2021 by Hazar Yildirtan in Samsun, Turkey. Zoady is dedicated to seeking excellence in two core areas: Video Game Development and Video Game Localization. Our Video Game Development Department released its first game, Hard Dream Flight, in 2021. We strive to create captivating gaming experiences that resonate with gamers worldwide with a motto of innovation and creativity. In 2022, our Video Game Localization Department began localizing Deadwater Saloon into Turkish, its first volunteer project. We believe that every gamer deserves an immersive experience, regardless of their native language. Our team of highly trained and enthusiastic professionals aims to make games accessible to different audiences by ensuring a smooth localization. Beyond our expertise in Turkish game development and localization, Zoady collaborates with local companies to provide comprehensive language services. We believe that our commitment to emerging technologies and industry innovation drives us forward every day. We make gaming experiences more enjoyable and meaningful by bridging cultures and languages. Our Game Development and Localization teams work together to ensure success on the road to results At Zoady.