Hazar Yıldırtan

Game Developer | Founder of Zoady

Greetings, I am Hazar. I have been developing games on Unity professionally since 2021. My expertise in C# and Python programming languages makes it possible for me to develop my projects with precision and finesse. I have developed my skills and learned to use complementary software such as Blender, Photoshop, Audacity in the most efficient and effective way throughout my career. These competencies provide me to develop the visual and audio aspects of my work to a market-standard end. I am committed to the principle of continuous improvement and I continue to pursue excellence with determination. My determination and Zoady are an important source of motivation for me. My skills and those of my team members at Zoady provide a significant advantage on the road to success. We remain committed to continuous progress and improvement, always striving to create quality and enjoyable experiences.

Umut Temiz

Localization Specialist | Freelance Translator

Hello, I am Umut Temiz. I have been engaged as a freelance translator, primarily focusing on projects within the localization industry for nearly two years, Possessing adept communication and computer competencies, I diligently pursue opportunities for skill enhancement. Proficient in various Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools such as memoQ, Crowdin, Memsource and Trados Studio, I adeptly navigate collaborative environments, prioritizing teamwork and discipline. As a native Turkish speaker, I exhibit fluency in both written and spoken English, underscoring my dedication to linguistic precision and professionalism.

Muhammet Kaçağan

Localization Specialist | Freelance Translator

I am Muhammet, a resident of Trabzon/Türkiye. I am 25 years of age and currently pursuing my studies in English Language and Literature at Karadeniz Technical University. Professionally, I am engaged in the field of freelance translation and have a background in the tourism industry. Presently, I hold the position of Founder and General Manager at North Star Suite Hotel, and I have also associated with Langpros Translations Dubai as a freelance translator. I possess an insatiable desire for acquiring knowledge and relish the opportunity to encounter new experiences daily. My entrepreneurial spirit is an inherent aspect of my character, which not only facilitates rapid learning but also enables me to seamlessly adapt to novel environments.

Burak Akgöl

Musician | Sound Designer

I am Arif Burak Akgöl. I am responsible for music related issues at Zoady. I started music in my childhood when I was about 8-9 years old. I started doing this professionally after I started the conservatory department at the university, and I graduated from the department in 2024. Moreover, I have also been teaching at a music school. My interest in games and studio recording started at a young age, and I am currently producing music and sound effects for games at Zoady.

Emre Abanoz


Hello, I am Mustafa Emre Abanoz. I am the lawyer of Zoady, which provides services in the field of informatics. I am here to ensure that the parties do not lose their rights and to resolve any possible legal disputes regarding the service you have received since the issues addressed by informatics law are delicate and directly interfere with our daily lives such as personal data and trade secret. All rights of Zoady are protected by me and Zoady will be informed about the entire legal process.

Murathan Bulut


Ferhat Bulut

Animation | Graphic Design

Ceren Beşyıldız

2D Artist | Graphic Design

Hello! I am Ceren Beşyıldız. I work on 2D character design and graphic design at Zoady. I'm working on games that I'll create myself! I am interested in genres such as analog horror and thriller, and I design and implement all the scenarios and drawings myself. I am determined to constantly improve my drawing skills.